Why Digital Business Cards are Must for Sales and Marketing Teams

Building connections with potential consumers is a priority for all sales and marketing reps. The more people they connect with, the more leads and sales they get. 

Most reps use physical business cards to connect with potential consumers. However, physical cards alone aren’t effective in generating leads and sales. They have drawbacks, like limited space and a lengthy contact-saving process. 

Digital business cards fill this loophole and enable sales and marketing teams to get better outcomes. You can easily create a digital business card with a QR code generator and management platforms like QRCodeChimp. 

Here’s why digital business cards are essential in sales and marketing.

Share Contact Details Easily

Share Contact Details Easily

A significant drawback of physical business cards is the tedious contact-saving process. People need to manually enter the contact details, which is time-consuming and can lead to errors. This could result in many lost opportunities for sales and marketing professionals. 

Like QRCodeChimp’s QR code Business Card (usually called vCard Plus), a digital business card makes it fast and easy to save a contact. Users can view all the information on the digital business card and save the contact without manually entering the details. As a result, sales reps can build more connections and grow their network.

Create a Professional First Impression

Though business cards help create a professional first impression, they’re prevalent — everyone uses them. How can reps stand out from the crowd while creating a professional impression?

A QR digital business card helps you do that. You can print a vCard Plus QR code on your physical business card, and users can scan it to reach your vCard Plus page (which acts as your digital business card).

vCard Plus provides a fantastic user experience, sets you apart from your competition, and helps you create a professional first impression. 

Share Detailed Information

Share Detailed Information

A physical business card has limited space, and it can only include a few details like a rep’s name, phone number, and address. On the other hand, digital business cards allow reps to share in-depth information, including images, social media profiles, and web links. 

Sales and marketing reps can use digital business cards to share detailed information with potential customers and build meaningful relationships.

Update Details in Real-Time

One of the critical features of vCard Plus is that you can edit your information in real-time without reprinting the vCard Plus QR code. Hence, you can continue using the same business card regardless of how you change your phone number, email, address, or other information. 

Measure the Results

vCard Plus offers real-time tracking. You can track the scans on your vCard Plus QR code and view time-wise, location-wise, and device-wise analytics. Sales and marketing managers can use this feature to measure their reps’ performance and discover the scope for improvement. 

Note: Always find a QR code generator that lets you create a measurable digital business card. 


Business cards will always be a helpful networking tool, but their limitations make it challenging for sales and marketing reps to achieve their targets. Digital business cards enhance the capabilities of traditional business cards. They’re editable, trackable, and expedite the contact-saving process, making them essential for every sales or marketing professional. 

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