White Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds create coziness, comfort, and a pleasant atmosphere in the room. This window treatment can complement all kinds of drapes and blackout curtains in Dubai, or completely replace them. What’s more, such shutters will not let everything heat up and burn out in the room.

According to legend, the inventor of these window covers was a wealthy Venetian merchant who thus tried to hide his wife from envious people. This is why the blinds are called Venetian. Customers choose wooden blinds not only because of their beauty but also because of their practicality.

White Wooden Blinds — Chic Design of Window OpeningChic Design window

Stylish interior design is a whole art. The beautiful and modern design hides in every detail, especially when it comes to window decoration. Today there is a wide range of sun protection systems that not only protect from bright light but also can add a colorful touch to the interior. Thus, wooden blinds deserve the most attention.

Wooden blinds are sun protection devices consisting of fairly thin wooden slats fastened together with a chain or a strong, thin rope.

Though they are pricy, such systems look gorgeous and are worth every dirham. Due to their respectable appearance, white wooden blinds in Dubai are an ideal option not only for large window openings but also for small ones. This color will fit into any interior and decorate any window. Besides, painted blinds in white, gray, and similar shades, in contrast to natural colors, fade much less.

Types of Wooden Blinds

The whole variety of wooden blinds is divided into three groups:

  • horizontal,
  • vertical designs and
  • roll products.

White Wooden Blinds AdvantagesWhite Wooden Blinds

  • Original appearance. Due to their structure, such systems look very stylish and rich, they are able to give any room a special atmosphere.
  • Long service life. Thanks to natural materials, wooden blinds do not fade or warp.
  • Versatility. A wide range of colors will help you choose the most suitable model for any interior. In addition, they can be easily combined with curtains and lambrequins.
  • Reliable protection. Such systems perfectly protect from the scorching heat in Arabian summer, ensuring a comfortable temperature on the premises.

In addition, there are several control mechanisms — manual and electric, you are welcome to choose the most convenient option to your liking.

The disadvantages of wooden blinds are often attributed to their price, which significantly exceeds the cost of plastic alternatives.

At all events, white wooden blinds for windows are a timeless classic that is appropriate for any interior style.

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