Where is Clipboard on iPhone

Almost all the work in today’s society revolves around digital things. Most of the earlier work on pages is now quickly done with the help of different technologies like PCs, laptops, or mobile phones. This easy access to the internet and documents gave birth to the function of copy-paste. This allows the writer to copy whatever text they want and then paste it wherever they want.

The excessive use of clipboards has been seen in android users. They save several texts and then access them for later use through the built-in clipboard. iOs users ask the question, “where is the clipboard on iPhone?” Unfortunately, iOS users don’t have this luxury. iOS memory doesn’t allow the user to store more than one text at a time. However, in this article, I will share some easy yet effective ways to enjoy the benefits of clipboard features.

Why Does the iPhone Have No Clipboard?

Why Does the iPhone Have No Clipboard

iOS Software allows the storage of only one text at one time. If you copy another text, the first one would be overwritten and lost forever. Clipboard on iPhone works as virtual memory and allows only one text to be stored. Furthermore, you can keep a single text-only for a specific time limit. After some time, or if you restart your device, you can’t access that copied text anymore.

How Can We Use a Clipboard on an iPhone?

IOS only allows you to store one text at a time. So, there is no way to keep multiple copied texts on it, and also, you cannot access the clipboard as one does in android. Because of this reason, there is no way to find a clipboard on iPhone, which leads us to the question “How do iPhone users access their copied text?”

As explained earlier, the iPhone doesn’t have a clipboard, so how to find a clipboard on an iPhone is a wrong question that has no answer. But then, where does the copied text go, or how can we access it? Now, this is the right path.

First, let’s explain how to access the copied text. There are some methods for that we’ll be presenting them one by one,

1. Using Notes as a Clipboard

Using Notes as a Clipboard on iPhone

Now all iPhone users are mostly aware of the notes application in the iPhone. Why do we need it to access our copied text? The answer lies simply in the following texts,

  • Go to the Notes application on the iPhone
  • Open a new Note
  • Tap and hold on to the area where the text indicator is shown
  • Hold the screen until a pop up is shown
  • Click Paste on that pop-up screen

Now, remember this doesn’t work for consecutive texts as iOS overwrites the memory with a new text copied. However, this is a pretty straightforward method. If you don’t want to lose the first one, you can copy and paste it; if there’s another text. Then, simply before copying the second one, paste the first text into your Notes application.

2. Using Clipboard++ App

Using Clipboard++ App on iPhone

For this following method, you’ll need to install an application first. Then, to access your saved text through this app, one needs to follow these simple steps.

  • Open the App Store
  • Search Clipboard++
  • Download and Install it
  • Open the application
  • After successfully installing your application, copy any text and then open it. You’ll be able to see the copied text already visible and accessible in it.

This app saves one from going through pasting their text every time. Instead, one needs to copy the text, and it will be in the application.

3. Using Copied App

Using Copied App on iPhone as clipboard

Another app that serves the same purpose and has become famous for its efficiency and convenience is “copied .”The copied app works similarly to Clipboard ++. The steps involved are the same as well.

  • Go to the App Store and search for copied.
  • Download and Install the copied app from iPhone’s app store.
  • Copy any text from your device.
  • Open the application.
  • Like clipboard++, the text will already be saved in the copied app.

The cool thing regarding this application is that it allows one to organize the copied text. Whatever you copy, it can be arranged and organized into categories. Many other applications are used for the same purpose. One can find it easily on the App Store.

Unfortunately, there is no built-in clipboard on the iPhone; the methods explained above are the only ones through which one can access their copied data. Try any of these methods according to your needs and the one that suits you the most.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How are the images copied in the iPhone?

Images are saved in a similar way as text. The above method works the same for text, images, or any other data you copy on your iPhone. Copy the image you are interested in, and use the above three methods to access it, i.e., use a notepad, copied, or clipboard++ app.

2. Can one access copy or clipboard history in iPhone?

No, there is no clipboard history in the iPhone. iOS doesn’t allow the users to store more than one text form at a time. So if you keep another text, it will be overwritten. Android devices offer a clipboard history of everything one copied, but iOS devices don’t. It’s just one text that you canopy at a time.

3. How to copy texts on iPhone?

Copying a text on an iPhone is the same as any other device. Just perform the following steps,

  • Tap and hold the screen at the start of the text you want to copy
  • Select the text you want to copy; it’ll turn blue
  • Hold the screen, and a pop-up will appear
  • Select “Copy”

The text will be copied and accessible through the same three methods defined above.

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