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The use of slang has become widespread these days. The internet is not just for professional work; it has become a way of entertainment and networking with other people, due to which acronyms and slang have become more and more common for Millennials and the new generation Z. The number of slang being used is increasing day by day. Some acronyms have the same meaning in every field, while some acronyms mean differently in every aspect of the field. One of these words or acronyms is NFS. If one wants to know and understand what NFS means in different fields and how it’s used in daily conversation, they have landed on the right article. This article will explain the different uses of NFS with varying meanings in detail.

What Does NFS Stand for When Used in the Text?NFS meaning - what does NFS stand for?

The text language over the various social media platforms is relatively informal, hence the increased use of slang. Although NFS has a different meaning in different fields, in the text, the new generation often gets hyped up or excited about some things and uses the word NFS, which means “No Funny Shit.”

In General, NFS is an Acronym for What?

In general, NFS has a different meaning. NFS stands for “Not for sure” for available text or context. This acronym comes in handy while having a normal conversation and telling people that you are confused about something or have little information about something.

What Does NFS Mean in the Computing Language?

Meaning of NFS stands for Network File System

NFS uses in fields other than texting. NFS stands for “Network File System.” Network File System is used for accessing files over the internet. Thus, now you know the abbreviation for one of the essential things in computing.

What does NFS Stand for when used in Retail Shops?

In many shops, when you are buying shoes or moving along the road, you might have seen an NFS side in front of a house. In certain situations, the term NFS has a different meaning than the one already described in other fields. In this context, NFS stands for “Not for Sale.”

What does NFS Mean in Gaming?

Meaning of NFS in Gaming

NFS in gaming can be used for two different things. One of the most commonly used abbreviations is the name of the most popular game, “Need for Speed.” Every gamer has played this game once in their life; hence in the gaming world, when one hears the word NFS, the game’s name is the first thing that comes to mind. Another thing it’s used for is when gamers are texting each other, and either is too excited or want to tell the other person that they need to stop their blabbering; then, when NFS is used, it’s abbreviated for “No Funny Shit.”

What does NFS mean when it Comes to the Context of Food?

Not many people in this world know how often the acronym NFS is used in food and how much importance it holds. In the context of food, NFS stands for not one but two terms. Firstly, it means “Nutrition and Food Security” in World Health Organization terminology. Second, you may have encountered NFS codes written in the food description.

What does NFS Mean in Banking Terms?National Financial Switch

If one doesn’t know the meaning of NFS in banking terminology, they have come to the right place. Like many other terms, NFS is also a part of the dictionary of bank terms and a significant one. In banking terminology, NFS stands for National Financial Services and is commonly used in the banking world.

What does NFS mean when it Comes to Social Media?

Can you imagine what NFS would mean on social media? This is a slang word that teenagers have really used many times while chatting on social media platforms like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, and TikTok. NFS stands for “Not for Sure.” The meaning of NFS on Instagram and Facebook is the same as on any other social media platform.


In this article above, all the details about NFS, its meanings, and its context are discussed in detail. The meaning of NFS varies for different categories. So, hopefully, the meaning of the various acronyms of NFS has been cleared, and by reading this article, one can fully understand what NFS means when used in multiple contexts.


1. What does NFS mean on Snapchat?

NFS is one of the slang words used on Snapchat. Like many other slangs used in Snapchat daily, NFS is also one of them. When texting on Snapchat, people using NFS often use it as an abbreviation for either “Not for Sure” or “No Funny Shit.”

2. What does NFS mean when used in Wizz?

Wizz is also a social media platform used by the new generation for networking and entertainment. Wizz is more of a dating platform; thus, users frequently talk to each other. Where there is informal texting, there is the use of slang words. Similarly, NFS is also a slang used in Wizz that most commonly means “Not for Sure.”

3. What does NFS stand for in Social Media?

No matter what Social Media platform one is referring to, whether it’s WhatsApp, Telegram, TikTok or anything else, it generally means “Not for sure.” When the conversation gets hyped up or people get excited over it, NFS’s meaning often changes to “No Funny Shit.”

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