Ways to Fix Spotify Keeps Logging You Out

Today, music has a central part of our lives. You have much music streaming platforms to keep up with the pace and demand. One of the popular music streaming platforms is Spotify, known around the globe. If you love music, you’ll want to subscribe to Spotify.

However, one of the most recent issues is the Spotify random logout, which has become a rising concern today. Don’t worry. We are here with the fixes! But first, we’ll cover the possible reasons for the issue.

Why Did Spotify Log Me Out?

Why Did Spotify Log Me Out

If Spotify logs you out repetitively, it could be for multiple reasons. Here, we have enlisted some of the possible causes.

Same Account

One reason is that the same account is being used simultaneously. In such a case, Spotify will log you out.

Area Limit

Sometimes, Spotify may be logging you out because you’re using it where it is banned or unavailable.

Hacked Spotify Account

In the worst scenario, your account may be hacked, resulting in Spotify logging you out.

Server Issues

Sometimes, your Spotify password may not register well with the servers, leading to this issue. Try changing your password and see if Spotify works.

Outdated App

If you’re wondering why Spotify logged me out, a possible reason is an outdated app.

How to Fix Spotify Logging Out Issue

If you’re facing a Spotify logging-out issue, here are a few fixes. We’ve covered the eight best solutions.

1. Sign Out from All Your Devices

logout from everywhare

Someone else may be using your account if you’re logged into Spotify through several accounts. If this is the case, logging out through all devices may work. Follow these steps to log out from your devices.

  • Go to the Spotify website through your browser. Then sign into your account.
  • Once logged in, click on the “profile icon” at the top-right end of the screen.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose an account.
  • Scroll to the end of the opened page and then click on button “Sign out everywhere”.

2. Reset the Password

Change Password on spotify

Another way to resolve the Spotify logging out is to change the password. If someone else has your password, they may be using your account. Try resetting it with the steps below.

  • Open Spotify on your browser and then go to the page of Spotify Reset.
  • Here, enter the current password. Then enter the new password twice. Once set, click the button “Set New Password.”

3. Clear Spotify App Cache

Delete cache of your Spotify

Like other apps, Spotify may save cache on your device if you’ve been using it for a while. This cache may cause problems. Clearing the cache may work in resolving the issue. Follow these steps.

  • On your device, open Spotify.
  • On the top right end, you’ll see the gear icon. Click it to open settings.
  • Scroll down till you reach the section “storage.” You will see the Spotify cache here.
  • Now click on “Delete Cache”. This will clear the Spotify cache and hopefully resolve your issue.

4. Update the Spotify Application

update your app

If you’re logged out of Spotify repeatedly, your app may be outdated. Developers update the app to resolve common issues. If the Spotify version was causing issues, try updating your Spotify app and see if the problem resolves.

5. Uninstall your System Cleaning Applications

System cleaning apps may also interfere with Spotify. Try uninstalling these apps with the steps below.

  • Press the keys “Windows and I” together.
  • In the search box, click “appwiz.cpl.”
  • From here, right-click on a system cleaning app on your PC and uninstall it.
  • Once the app is uninstalled, try opening Spotify to see if the issue is resolved.

7. Reinstall Spotify App

Spotify uninstall button

If Spotify is logging you out constantly, try reinstalling the app. This, however, will finish your playlist. Premium users can get downloaded songs back. Follow these steps to reinstall the app.

  • Tap the Spotify icon and hold it til it wiggles. Tap on the x icon as it appears. Tap “delete” on the pop-up message” and press done. For Android users, long press the Spotify icon till the “uninstall” option shows up and uninstall it.
  • Once the app is deleted, search the Store for Spotify and install it again.

8. Disable the Third-party App Access

If you have third-party apps linked to your Spotify account, they could be the ones causing the issue. Disable these and see if the problem resolves. Here are the steps.

  • Go to the “Spotify” website. Login with your details. Click on the “Profile icon” at the right top end. Then go to account.
  • Click on the “Apps” tab at the left lower end of the resulting page. Here you’ll see the apps that are linked to your account. Click on the “Remove Access” button to stop their access.

9. Restart Your Device

Restart Your Device

If any of the above methods don’t work, you may want to try restarting your device. If you’re using an iPhone, press the volume and side power button for some seconds and then slide it to turn off. For an Android device, long press the power button and tap “restart”. Turn on your device after 5 mins and see if Spotify is working or not.

Final Words

One of the most recent issues about Spotify is that it logs you out repeatedly. Above, we have addressed the possible reasons and how to resolve the issues. We hope one if not more of these methods works for you!

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