Best places to visit in dubai

Dubai is one of the world’s most widely visited places popularly known for its amazing spa and resort collection and sky-high architectural wonders. What was once famous for hosting Burj Al Arab, Dubai now remains popular for Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah. In short, the city’s popularity doesn’t stop growing and is rapidly on the rise. If you want to plan a trip to Dubai or enjoy a Dubai city tour, make sure to explore all the wonders of the beautiful city.

To help you through your city tour of Dubai, we have collected the list of the best places to visit and the best things to do in Dubai. Let’s dive in.

The Best Place to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is loaded with beautiful and eye-catching sights that you wouldn’t want to miss. Oasis Palm Tourism for Dubai City Tours and other Dubai city tour services will help you in planning your trip to the beautiful city. Let’s have a look at some of the best places in Dubai to visit.

1. Dubai Miracle Garden; The Largest Flower Garden of the WorldDubai Miracle Garden

Dubai’s miracle garden is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai, where hundreds of tourists come to visit each year. Hosting around 109 million flowers, the garden is a true sight to behold. Walk through this beautiful garden and admire the scented flowers all day.

2. The Burj KhalifaThe Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is one of the best places to visit in Dubai. Being the tallest skyscraper in the world, it measures 828 meters high, quickly becoming the symbol of Dubai. Each day, thousands of tourists come to Burj Khalifa to take the quickest lift, heading to the 124th and 125th floors of the building. You can go as high as the 148th floor to get the extraordinary city views from the top of the world.

3. The Dubai MallDubai Mall

The Dubai Mall, the world’s most visited shopping mall, is next to Burj Khalifa. With as many as 1200 restaurants and shops, you will surely get something that matches your budget and taste. Other than being a shopping mall, the mall hosts unique attractions like an aquarium, indoor waterfalls, a go-kart track, an ice rink, arcade games, and cinemas. Be sure to have fun at the mall and explore every bit of it.

4. The Dubai FountainThe Dubai Fountain

Dubai’s fountain continues to be amongst the most popular tourist attractions with its beauty that never fails to amaze the tourists. This fountain show takes place many times a day at Dubai Mall’s exit where the artificial lake is located. The best time to visit it is at night because that’s when the tower is brightly lit, giving a breathtaking view.

5. The Dubai OperaThe Dubai Opera

Entertainment is at the heart of a city tour to Dubai. The most popular attraction not to be missed in Dubai is its Opera. Situated in Dubai downtown, thisThis is the best place to entertain your music tastebuds in Dubai downtown. Here you can enjoy ballet, opera shows, concerts, comedy nights, and even classical instrument shows.

6. Bur Dubai Bur Dubai

Booking a tour with Abu Dhabi City Tour or other such services will take you through Bur Dubai, a typical district that is worth visiting. Situated opposite to Deira, on Dubai Creek’s other side, the neighborhood of Bur is one of the city’s oldest places. You’ll ride the Abra, a traditional, small wooden boat here. In your crossing, you’ll explore the amazing views and see Dhows, old, bright ships, bringing goods for souks. In Bur Dubai, the best places you should visit include Old Souk, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House, Meena Bazaar, Al Seef Market, Dubai Museum, and Hindi Lane.

7. Dubai Marina Dubai Marina

Al Wasl Dhow for Dhow Cruise Marina and other Dubai city tour services also give you the chance to explore the beautiful, luxurious Dubai Marina District. Here you can enjoy a relaxing walk along the waterfront on the pedestrian promenade. Admire and enjoy the beauty of the buildings and yacht here. On your trip, you’ll also cross the Dubai Marina Mall, one of the biggest shopping centers hosting different brands like H&M and Levi’s. Take a luxury yacht to discover the Marina and make your trip unforgettable.

Dubai City Tours to Explore the CityDubai City Tours

While Dubai is relatively a small place, it is not short of things to do and places to visit. The best thing about the city is that most of the tourist attractions are close to one another, and a guided Dubai city tour will take you through them so you can get the best experience.

You can select a guided tour to get an insight into the most significant sites of Dubai, from the oldest ones to the newest. The four-hour city tour takes you through Dubai’s heritage and historical sites and the modern marvels. The tour starts in the morning around 9:30 AM when you will be picked up from your desired location in Sharjah or Dubai. When deciding on the city tour, you can select the places you wish to visit and decide the time you want to spend at each place. The Dubai city tour will take you to all the places you’ve selected within a time frame of four hours.

The Dubai city tour is a great opportunity to explore the marvels of the city and its best areas of interest, covering all popular sites, old or new.


If you’re planning your trip to Dubai, we have compiled a list of the best things to do and places to visit in the city. Plan your trip in the winter months because these are the most suitable months for a pleasant visit to the city. Dubai City Tour services will help you plan your guided trip to Dubai to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the popular places and activities to do in the glittering city. Check the travel packages before confirming your trip!

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