Ways to Use Google Docs in Dark Mode on Chrome

Regarding a good word processor, Google Docs is everyone’s favorite! Even though its features aren’t the closest to Microsoft, it has the essentials you need to complete the work. This well-optimized and well-managed software is widely used around the world. However, one thing that Google Docs lacks is a dark mode. Don’t worry. While there is no native dark mode, you can still enable google docs dark mode through specific workarounds. It is not the best choice, but they still work well enough to complete your work.

Why You Need Google Docs Dark Mode

Suppose you’re working on Google Docs at night. The regular Google Docs mode can bring a lot of strain on your eyes because of the sharp colors. The dark mode of Google Docs is designed to make things easier when working at night. The dark mode adjusts the colors and themes of the document to make them look more attractive and less straining to the eyes. You can enable this mode on your desktop or mobile. Use Google Docs dark mode whenever you’re working at night; it will make things much easier for you, allowing you to do your work conveniently.

Using Google Docs Dark Mode; Top Three Methods

While the Google Docs dark mode isn’t the best, you can still use it conveniently to work at night. Here are the top 3 ways to use this mode.

1. Enabling Chrome Flag

chrome dark mod flag

Most of us know Chrome supports the dark theme for macOS and Windows 10. Ahead of that, it also reinforces what is an experimental feature as yet; dark mode to forcibly view your web pages. While the feature is still under work, it should be enough to display the dark mode in Google Docs. Follow these steps.

  • Copy the URL below in a new Chrome tab.


  • Hit enter to bring the beta flag “Force dark mode for web contents.”
  • Near the “Force dark more for web contents,” you’ll see a drop-down menu. Open it and select the option “Enabled.”
  • Now click “restart.” This will reset your browser, but you may lose your unsaved work.
  • After the restart, your dark mode will be activated, and you can view all your websites in this mode.

The Chrome flag extension does an excellent job with the dark mode in Google docs. The fonts are apparent and don’t appear monochromatic. Moreover, the user interface is also easily navigated.Dark mode on in google docs

However, there was a slight issue with the blinking cursor working with white fonts on documents. So, the Chrome flag tool works well with reading, even though not the best with writing.

2. Using Lunar Reader

Luna Reader Dark mode chrome

lunar reader is also another fantastic dark-mode Google Chrome extension. Though not very popular, the tool is very functional. The good part is that the tool’s settings panel is easier to use and much more straightforward. The Alt, Shift, and D keys open the shortcut to turn on or off the dark mode effectively. With the built-in site list, you can open different sites in this mode, including Google Docs and other blogging website.

lunar reader works pretty well to using Google Docs dark mode, but the problem comes with image inversion. So, while this tool works well, we wouldn’t recommend it if you have a lot of images to use in your documents.

3. Using Dark Reader

Dark Reader

The dark Reader is another excellent Chrome dark mode extension that performs very well for viewing Google docs and other sites in a dark mode. It works better than Chrome flag and Lune reader, delivering superior performance. Dark Reader also offers more flexibility in operation.

First, download the dark reader Chrome extension. Use the keys Alt, Shift, and D together to turn on or off the dark mode instantly.

The dark reader has several sites in the Site List; you can enable dark mode to use these sites. You can use the dark mode in Google Docs as well. To use the tool for Docs only, add to the list “docs.google.com.” Then click on “only reverse what’s listed.

That’s all. You can conveniently enable this Chrome extension to use Google Docs in the dark mode. However, the problem with the extension is that it can bring some privacy issues.


Google Docs is a popular platform for work, whether you’re doing your assignments, projects, or office work. However, if you have a night shift or prefer working at night, the regular Google Docs version can become straining for your eyes. That’s where the Google Docs dark mode is useful! While there is no direct support for dark mode, you can download and use the Chrome extension easily. We have covered the three best ways to enable Google Docs dark mode! Try it out yourself.

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