System Service Exception Error

What is The System Service Exception Error?System Service Exception Error

The system service exception error is included in one of the windows BSOD errors. It is an error that annoys working on your PC. It is present in windows 7,8 and even 10. This error causes your PC to restart, thus causing unsaved work to disappear. For example, you might be working on a word document and have to save your work yet; if this error occurs, your PC will restart, resulting in you missing your work. This article will explain two very important points. What causes this error, and how to solve it.

Causes of This Error

The most common reason due to which this error occurs are

  1. Your windows system files are corrupted.
  2. Your PC is infected with viruses or malware.
  3. GUI errors
  4. Damaged, old or incompatible drivers.
  5. There is a problem with software or window updates, for example, they are incompatible.

These problems can cause annoying system service errors to occur. There are many ways to solve this error thus, there is no need to worry.

5 Solutions to Solve System Service Exception Errors?

There are many ways that you can try to solve the error. If one of them does not work, you can try the next one or combine a few to solve the problem. The most effective solution to solve the error are: –

  • Update Windows
  • Run CHKDSK
  • Run SFC
  • Update system drivers
  • Uninstall recently installed programs
  • Reset Windows 10

1. Update WindowsUpdate Windows

Firstly, you will have to check if Windows 10 on your PC is up to date. Check to see if you have an update available that was previously ignored, and quickly update it. Outdated system files can often cause some unexpected errors, so the first solution to solve any error is to update your windows.

  • Open settings in windows.
  • Click on ‘updates and security, then click on ‘Windows Update’ and look for any pending updates there.
  • If an update is available, click ‘restart now’ to start the update. Ensure that you keep a backup of any important files on your PC before the update.


CHKDSK is a system tool in windows. Its main job is to verify the file system and fix issues while running (on certain settings). Running it might solve this error too.

  • Open the start search menu bar and type ‘command prompt.’ After this, right-click a suitable match and click on ‘run as administrator.’
  • After this type, ‘chkdsk/r’ and press enter, this will result in the command scanning for errors and fixing any issues.

3. Run SFCRuns System SFC

Similar to CHKDSK, SFC checks missing corrupt window files. While CHKDSK checks one’s entire drive, SFC targets system files, checks its issue, and fixes them. Before running it, check if the SFC is fully functional. DISM will ensure it will work properly.

  • Type ‘command prompt (Admin)’ in the start menu bar. After this right, click on ‘Run as Administrator’.
  • In the elevated command prompt, write ‘DISM/online/cleanup-image/restorehealth, then press enter.
  • Type ‘sfc/scannow’ when the process has finished and press Enter.

4. Update System DriversUpdate System Drivers

Although windows updated updates system drivers, it is likely to fall behind the recommended version or not use the correct driver version. Thus, it is essential to check your latest driver updates.

  • Click ‘update and security from settings. Then click on ‘Windows Update and ‘view update history’ All the driver updates will show here.
  • Type ‘device manager in the start menu bars and click the relevant match.
  • View the list shown for any errors. If they are not apparent, your drive is not the issue for the error.
  • If the yellow error symbol is apparent, then there is an issue. Open the section from the dropdown menu. Then right-click the problem driver and click ‘update driver’.
  • Windows will automatically update the process for you if you click ‘Search automatically for updated driver software.’

You can also update the system driver yourself from other third-party tools.

5. Uninstall Recently Installed Programsuninstall program

Often, the main reason for this error occurs is due to a specific program. Try to think of any program or software you had recently installed that may be causing this issue. If yes, then uninstall that program immediately. If you cannot think of any specific program, delete all recently installed software or apps.

Final Words

Although small, the system service exception error can cause a lot of annoyance and disrupt your work. However, one or a combination of these solutions will be able to solve the error. So always up to date with technology news and protect your work from interruptions.

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