Ps5 is the ninth generation of gaming consoles launched by Sony’s tech company. The PlayStation series is a brilliant gaming console, especially the ps5, making the gaming experience unique. It loads stunningly fast and comes with a high-quality controller. It is unbelievable that it loads and runs games faster than before and lets you play almost all PlayStation 4 games.

If you are wondering where to order PlayStation 5 UAE and how to PS5 UAE preorder, you have come to the right place to discover where is the Sony PlayStation 5 console for sale in UAE.

When Was it Launched?

When Was PS5 Launched

The PlayStation 5 that has brought a change to the gaming world was released on 12th November 2020 for most of the world. It was fully released on 19th November 2020. Since then, both of its editions have stayed high in demand due to their exceptional features.

What is the PS5 Price in UAE?

What is the PS5 Price in UAE

UAE has many stores and websites that will soon restock the ps5 console UAE. You can either pre-order it or wait for its restock. In UAE, the price of the ps5 console is AED 2,099, while the ps5 digital edition’s price is AED 1,680.

Reliable Stores Offering ps5 in UAE

You can find PlayStation 5 games and PlayStation 5 Dubai and in other cities in the following PlayStation stores:

City Store Location
Dubai Wasabi Electronics Dubai – 22 B St
Abu Dhabi Al-Mansoora games Dalma Mall
Sharjah Virgin Megastore Sahara Centre Sahara center shopping mall.
Ras al Khaimah Golden Eye Electronics Co. LLC Rak Mall
Ajman Layan Games Near Etisalat Centre – Al Jurf
Fujairah Capsoft Systems Eid Musalla Road
Umm Al Quwain Al Nahar Electronics Industrial Area 6, St 2

Online Stores Offering PS5 in UAE

Online Stores Offering PS5 in UAE PS5 Etisalat offers this at excellent prices and has a good delivery service. The standard ps5 price in UAE is AED 2,099, while you can buy ps5 UAE digital edition for AED 1,599. This website provides PlayStation 5 in UAE and also ships to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The price starts from AED 2378 to get a ps5 along with a game. This website also delivers all over UAE, and the prices start from 2,378.

How to Pre-Order the PS5?

Ps5 UAE preorder can be done by going to a reliable website and booking it before even it comes in stock. Also, you can pre-order if the gaming stores have the options available.

  1. On any of the previously mentioned websites, go to the preorder section.
  2. Search PS5.
  3. You can either do the first two steps or search ‘pre-order play station 5’ directly on the search bar.
  4. Place your order and wait for confirmation to ensure your order is placed.

What is the Difference Between Disk Edition and Digital Edition?

What is the Difference Between Disk Edition and Digital Edition

The ps5 comes with two options, the digital and disk edition. Although they do not have significant differences, a few things make them different. Firstly they have a noticeably big price difference. The disk edition is AED 2,099, while the digital one is 1,680. The disk edition can play physical games and all the games from ps4. If you are not interested in physical games and have to buy all the ps5 games, then the PS5 digital edition UAE is better as it has a low price.


Where to buy ps5 in UAE?

All the reliable stores and websites mentioned in the article provide ps.

How much is the ps5 in UAE?

The Ps5 in UAE is AED 2,099, while the digital edition is AED 1,680.

When will ps5 restock in UAE?

Due to the chip shortage problem, many tech companies like Sony face a few issues. Ps5 will soon restock once the problems are solved.

Can we buy ps5 from Dubai airport duty-free?

Yes, you can buy any gaming gadget duty-free. But, make sure you arrive early at the airport to shop for the best available playstation.


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