Summers in Dubai can be harsh for our pets. Even for us, summers in Dubai are cruel! Stepping out of the comfortable temperature of your home feels like going on a mission. However, after a while, we do adjust to the temperatures. But, we also require extra care, like keeping ourselves cool and dehydrated from the scorching heat.  The dogs, unlike us, can not easily adjust to such temperatures and might need some assistance to ensure their health is not affected due to the scorching Dubai heat.

Pet owners are constantly looking for ways to ensure the safety of their furry beings. However, it might be a little difficult to protect these furry friends from the atrocious summer heat. Many pet owners are concerned about their dogs getting overheated or dehydrated. Many dogs suffer from getting heatstrokes each summer which can turn into a huge concern for their owners.

If you are looking for some tips on how to protect your dog from the cruel summers of Dubai, you have come to the right place. This article will go into detail and guide you on how to protect your dogs as well as how to battle the scorching heat with gearing up. It will guide you on the right accessories for your furry friend as well.

6 Ways to protect your dog from the hot summers of Dubai

Here are 6 effective tips you can keep in mind to protect your dog from Dubai’s summer heat.

Early morning or evening walksEarly morning or evening walk

Daily walks are vital for dog owners. However, in the scorching heat, it can be a little difficult, especially because of the hot grounds. Due to this, it is best to take your dog early morning or late in the evening for a walk. This way, the ground will be a lot cooler. Along with the walks, carry a water bottle with you as well. This way, it will be easy to keep your dog hydrated and fresh.

Avoid car ridesAvoid car rides

It is best to avoid getting into the car with your pet in the scorching heat. Taking your dog outside will immediately heat its body, thus causing problems. If, for some reason, you are in the can with your dog, make sure the rear AC is turned on. Added to this always make sure you do not leave your pet in the car when you exit.

Make sure your dog is drinking lots of water

In Dubai’s summer heat, it is of utmost importance to keep making your dog drink water to stay hydrated and cool. It will be better if the water is chilled. You can achieve this by placing an ice pack under the water bowl to keep the water cool for a long time. If you are going outdoors, make sure to carry a chill water bottle along with you to avoid any worries.

Invest in a cooling mat

Accessories like these are extremely important in the summer for your dog. Dubai experiences a harsh summer that can not be tolerated without such accessories. A cooling mat can be placed anywhere with a socket and when your dog sits over it it will regulate its body temperature and keep him cool on hot days. It will be handy, especially while playing outdoors. Your dog can sit on the cooling mat to relieve all the heat from its body. The  cooling mat is an exceptional cooling mat to do the job.

Cooling vest while on walks

When you are taking your dog on a walk in the Dubai summer heat, the chances of getting a heatstroke are high due to the excessive heat. It is of utmost importance that you protect your dog at all costs during this moment. Get a cooling vest and make your dog wear it. Once it wears the vest you will also start to notice how happy your furry friend gets. The cooling vest will ensure the body temperature stays moderate along the walk.

Dog shoes

Many people find investing a small amount in accessories useless. However, it is extremely important. Dog shoes are crucial when you are going outdoors. Although it is suggested to go in the morning or late evening, peak summers may result in the pavements still being hot. Thus it is important to gear up for that. Make your dog wear dog shoes to avoid hot pavements. Ddded to this if you want to play outside these dg shoes will be extremely helpful for that.

Final words

Keeping your dog hydrated and cool is the key to protecting it from the summer heat. It is important to keep your dog indoors and take it out when necessary to avoid the harsh heat of summer. Other than this, it is important to keep water with you at all times for your dog to avoid dehydration.

Other than this, it is important to keep a watchful eye on your dog, especially during peak summers. Notice his breathing pattern carefully. Dogs, unlike humans, do not sweat thus, and signs of dehydration or health issue will be detectable through their breathing. If you notice signs like discomfort, excessive drooling, restlessness, wobbly movements, excessive panting, and vomiting, you need to take action. These are some signs that your dog may be experiencing a heatstroke. In this case, it is not advisable to start cooling it down instantly. If you try to cool down your dog the body temperature will instantly rise again to battle cold. At this moment, you need to immediately rush to a vet to help your dog.

However, if the proper guidelines are followed and close attention is paid to your down, the chances of getting heatstroke or other health issues related to heat are pretty low.

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