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In the UAE, like in any other part of the world, Point of sale machines, or POS machines for short, are used for billing purposes in almost every shop. In any shop or retail center, the point of purchase or point of sale is the place where you ring the customers. When they walk over to the counter after buying their items, the customer and the salesperson are at the point of sale. The point of sale is the software and hardware that allows the business sales to take place. What are POS machines, and how do they work? Where can you find them in the UAE and what are the costs? Let’s have a look.

POS Machines: What are They?POS machine components

Point of sale POS machine is an intelligent device used for retail transactions. This machine calculates the total amount the customer owes and the payable amount and prepares the customer invoice. The generated invoice by the POS machine indicates the payment the customer has to make. The customer needs to make payment using his/her credit or debit card. A personal identification number (PIN) is needed to complete the payment. After the payment is complete, the machine issues a printed or electronic receipt. The POS machine in UAE has many purposes.

Uses of POS Machines in the UAE

POS machines in the UAE are commonly used in all shops or stores. Whether it’s malls, restaurants, clothing shops, hardware stores, etc. POS machines make customer services efficient, faster, and more accurate.

Why are POS Machines ImportantImportance of pos machine

POS machines offer many benefits for small businesses or shops in making their services more efficient for their customers. These machines are used for billing in retail shops, giving details about the customer invoice, calculating the total costs, and generating invoice receipts. With a POS machine, retail shops can quickly access live data, process their payments, get automatic inventory management, access sales history, and smoothen the process of taxes. Moreover, a POS machine is also very useful in customer marketing and in simplifying everything for the staff and management.

Where to Get POS Machines in Abu Dhabi and DubaiWhere to Get POS Machines in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

There are many online shops and stores where you can get Point of Sales machines in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. If you’re looking for places to get a POS machine in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, here are some of the places.

Abu Dhabi

Here are some of the shops you can get a POS machine from.

  • Blueway Security Systems
  • Emirtech Technology
  • Invent POS
  • Mega POS Innovative Business Solutions
  • Pixels Digital System LLC


Here are some shops in Dubai where you can get POS machines from.

  • Alpha Byte Computers LLC
  • Arab Scale Trading LLC
  • Base Plate LLC
  • Computer Garage
  • Chrysels Digital Advertising LLC

Alternatively, you’ll find many online shops as well. You can also order your POS machine from here.

POS Machine Prices


POS Machine Price
Easypos EPPS202 POS Machine Bundle AED 2,099.00
Toshiba TCx800 POS Machine 6200-E05 AED 9,656.00
ZKTeco POS Terminal ZK15 Series ZK1530 AED 4298.00 (available in Amazon)
Toshiba POS Machine TCx Wave A30 Intel Celeron AED 6,639.00
E-POS Pos Machine XTREME II V2 AED 2,550.00
Easypos POS Machine EEPS-314 bundle AED 2,690

POS Machine Comparison; Technology and Software

Based on the needs, the POS machines are designed with different software and technologies. Accordingly, there are several types of POS systems as described below.

1. Desktop POS SystemsDesktop POS Systems

These POS systems run with a laptop or compute through a web browser or app. It is often used in fashion stores, salons, grocery stores, etc.

2. Mobile POS Systemsportable pos system

These POS systems are smaller and more useful. This phone app is connected to a card reader so you can easily start selling.

3. Self-Service Kiosk POS SystemsSelf-Service Kiosk POS Systems

Self-service POS systems are unique systems where customers can make purchases independently. This increases efficiency and saves manpower. These are much like desktop POSs but have more security features.

4. Tablet POS SystemsTablet POS Systems

These POS systems are much like mobile POSs used on devices. Rather than mobiles, these are operated on tablets, giving a larger screen size.

5. Industry-Based POS SystemsIndustry-Based POS Systems

These POS systems are designed with features specific to meet the industry needs.

6. All-in-one POS SystemsAll-in-one POS Systems

These POS systems are an all-in-one solution for everything you need to run a point of sale, saving your money and making things more efficient.

Final Words

POS Machines in the UAE are an essential component in the business sector because they help in the process of billing. You’ll find them in almost every shop whether its a mall, grocery store or spa. If you want to get a POS machine in the UAE, you can order it online or get one from the store.

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