A Power of Attorney (or POA) is a document that allows an individual (usually referred to as the principal) to bequeath another individual or organization (the agent) with the legal privileges to act on his/her behalf. The type of acts that can be carried out by an agent can be many and broad or singular and specific for a wide range of activities including company formation in Dubai. A simple example would be a father bequeathing his son the right to buy a property on his behalf while the father goes on a business trip. Or an elderly woman enabling someone to act in her stead and enact her will upon her own passing. POA Notarization in Dubai isn’t as intimidating as it seems. This blog post will make that abundantly clear.

Types of POAs in Dubai

There are three categories of POAs in Dubai. 

The General POA

The General POA permits an agent to act on behalf of the principal when it comes to a broad range of activities, including company formation in Dubai.

The Special POA

The Special POA limits an agent to act only within a limited domain. Although a General POA can be seen as an amalgamation of many Special POAs, it is the case that if you want to involve your agent in real estate affairs, a General POA will not suffice in Dubai and you will need to apply for a Special property POA instead.

The Lasting POA

The Lasting POA, which is specific to the UAE only, allows individuals facing health issues (or are ageing) to select an agent who will act on their behalf should they lose the ability to make sound decisions in the future.

POA Notarization Steps

The steps taken to notarize a POA in Dubai are plain and clear. When it comes to POA notarization, the following are the steps involved:

Step One: Drafting the POA

Once you’ve figured out the type of POA that best suits your purpose, it is best to rely on an esteemed legal firm to draft the POA document for you. In case you are uncertain which POA to opt for, a good firm can also guide you in selecting the POA that will be the best fit for your situation.  A POA should clearly identify an agent’s powers and responsibilities. These parameters are manifestly outlined once the POA is being drafted.

At PRO Partner Group we offer a wide range of legal and notary services. We cover anything from preparing legal documents to coordinating suitable dates for all the parties involved in a notary appointment.

In the case the firm you are working with has templates of the POA you require ready, you will be asked to fill in the full names of the two parties involved in the POA. Note that it is possible to find individuals from a third party who are willing to act as your agent. It is even possible for an entire firm or organization entity to be your agent.

Step Two: Attestation

After the POA has been drafted or filled in, a recognized solicitor or “notary public ” – a type of legal officer who specializes in witnessing or validating legal documents, attests (or validates) the POA document and witnesses its signing. Both the principal and agent need to be present for the signing of this contract. The notary will then stamp and/or sign this document signifying its successful notarization. The POA is then ready to be used.

Dubai Public Notary for POA Notarization

In Dubai, a notary public needs to be licensed, authorised or accredited by the UAE Judiciary Department to be able to practice. Be sure to check your solicitor’s credentials before getting involved in any form of agreement. T

Dubai Public Notary Fees

Notary fees can vary wildly. Different firms will charge different rates You can also expect different rates for different POA purposes. For example, vehicle POAs will on average cost less than real estate POAs. Notarisation prices can cost anywhere from 350 AED to upward of 2000 AED.

Documents Required for Power of Attorney Notarization in Dubai & Things to be Aware of:

  • The principal’s and agent’s original passports accompanied by a photocopy of each.
  • The original POA that is meant to be notarized is accompanied by three copies of it.
  • The principal’s and agent’s original Emirates ID cards accompanied by a photocopy of each (this document is only required for residents of the UAE).
  • The UAE is an Arab territory. It is therefore required that all POAs either be drafted in Arabic or translated into Arabic and stamped by the UAE Ministry of Justice before notarization (this is usually the case for POAs drafted abroad).

[Note that the above documents are the minimum requirement for a POA. Depending on the situation, you may be required to provide extra documents such as ownership documents in the instance of a real estate affair].


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