Online Shopping Through Instagram | New Payment Feature

Online Shopping Through Instagram Became Easier With These New Features

Instagram With Its New Feature:

Things are becoming better and easier day by day. Rushing towards E-commerce, and with the development of different features and tools for a better experience in online shopping.

Instagram is introducing a new checkout feature in its application. This new tool in the Instagram app is taking Instagram’s shopping tags to a whole next level. Before this feature, we got the “View on Website” button which took us to the website rather than staying on the current app.

But now with this “Checkout on Instagram” feature, people will be able to check out the products as well as buy them while staying on the same application i.e. Instagram. 

Access to the New Option:

A few requisites are there at this stage. Currently, the launching process is being carried out in closed beta. This implies that not all brands can have access to it. Instead, there are only 23 businesses contributing in the initial phases of the trial, and only the residents of the United States have the accessibility to the process.

Process of Payment in the New Feature:

Instagram Checkout

Regarding the payment process, Instagram will have the capacity to save all your payment data right after your first purchase. It is carried out within the application, and will also utilize it for future purchases. Hence, you will just need to enter your details once. There will be a new tab named “Orders” where the users can track their purchases from their profile.

Revenue Generation:

Keeping the growth and development of Instagram in consideration, it can be assumed that many brands and businesses will be excited to get into the new program. There are more than a billion active users of Instagram, and the emphasis of the platform has made it especially famous for the discovery of the product.

Growth of Instagram:

Instagram Growth Chart

Instagram has been in the field of E-commerce for some time. The “Shopping Tags” feature came out first in the year 2016, and then got popular among the businesses and also in the stories option.

The app also introduced a new “Shop Tab” on the profiles of businesses last year. The shopping collections were also added to facilitate the users keeping an eye on different products that they were interested in.

Hence, due to many elements and the increasing growth of Instagram, everything was coming into line for this app. Though it’s restricted at this stage for many regions and businesses. Also, it has the ability to expand and make huge money out of it.

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