New Updates Regarding The Job Seekers In LinkedIn


For the start of the new year, LinkedIn is coming up with new tools. The platform has been giving updates each month because of the complete change for the whole system.

Recently the platform has launched new tools for job seekers. The tools will help them to provide more related information based on their skills and interests. Following are the new changes the users will experience in their LinkedIn mobile apps.

Push Notifications

Linkedin Notification

The first update for the mobile app is the push notifications. Users will be able to get notified whenever there is a match for the job according to their skills and interests. To set up the push alerts users can turn on the alerts for the jobs which you have selected on the basis of whatever criteria you want to choose. Turning on the push notifications for the application can be done through the settings of the smartphone.

Job Title Highlights

Another update is the introduction of the highlights of the job titles which the user is most interested in. There will be job titles too which are also regarding the topic companies and the connections the user has made. The platform will take all of these as insights for the user and make a list of job titles that will be highlighted for him.

Relevant Learning Courses

Linkedin Learning Courses

The platform will add the relevant learning courses in the user’s search queries which will help the users if he or she wants to get something out of the courses. Along with the courses, LinkedIn is adding more context related to each field that the users are interested in.

They will be able to get information more about their career. For example, if the user has a software engineer as his main profession then the platform will provide him with all the relevant courses which he can learn from in order to jump to the next level of his career.

Job Seekers will be able to know that what do they need to do in order to land on to their next job. This will all happen because of the platform’s introduction of a better algorithm that analyzes the profile of the users. On the basis of that, the platform decides which things or requirements the user has to fulfill in order to improve their skills and move on to the next stage of their career.

In order to get the most of it, make sure to fill in all the required details in your profile because the system will work its best when the information is fully valid and updated.


LinkedIn is doing a great job to gain more attention and engagement from the users. This will help the users to achieve their goals making it a proper professional social media platform. With all these new updates the user experience has gotten a lot better which is why there is an increase in the users for the platform.

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