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A Range Rover is amongst the most top-performing and luxurious vehicles that require special maintenance and care. Whether it’s a range rover or any other luxurious vehicle, it requires a proper schedule for maintenance to keep it in the best possible condition. If you own a range rover, you should be concerned about its maintenance and repair. We have covered all the maintenance and repair that’s required by your range rover.

Type of Range Rover Maintenance

Range Rover in Garage

Your regular maintenance for the range rover covers some of the following items. Based on the schedule, your range rover will be checked for different things as the ones described below.

  1. Change of the vehicle’s engine oil
  2. Replacement of the vehicle’s engine oil filter
  3. Replacement of the vehicle’s air filter
  4. Replacement of cabin air pollen filter
  5. Replacement of spark plugs
  6. Replacement of brake fluid
  7. Inspection of tire pressure and condition
  8. Inspection of the disc, brake pad, and the hose
  9. Inspection of axle and steering gear
  10. Inspection of air inlet and radiator
  11. Drain cleaning of sunroof and vehicle body inspection
  12. Inspection of coolant and the hose
  13. Inspection of windshield washer and wiper
  14. Inspection of horn, headlights, and such electrical systems
  15. Inspection of the battery condition.

Daily Checks for your Range Rover

Range Rover Maintenance

You can perform the following checks on your range rover daily to evaluate the condition of its working.

  1. Check for the correct working of the horn, lights, turn signals, washers, wipers, and warning lamps.
  2. Check that the brakes and seatbelts are working properly as they should.
  3. Check out for any deposit of fluids below the range rover as this often indicates a leakage. Other than condensation drops from the vehicle’s air conditioner, other leaks can point out a greater issue that needs immediate attention.

Weekly Checks

Weekly checks for your range rover can also be done at home easily to see if there is a need for any repair. These checks include the following.

  1. Engine coolant level check
  2. Engine oil check
  3. Brake fluid level check
  4. A/C system check
  5. Screen washer fluid level check
  6. Tire condition and pressure check.

Schedule for Range Rover MaintenanceRange Rover Maintenance

For proper maintenance of your range rover, you should bring it for specific maintenance tasks based on the milage schedule below.

5,000 Miles

After driving your range rover for 5,000 miles, you should come for the first maintenance check. Auto technicians take the task of performing the basic vehicle maintenance in the range rover garage, including the following tasks.

  • Changing air filter and engine oil
  • Checking the tire tread and pressure
  • Lubricating all the chassis components

10,000 Miles

Every year, or after every 10,000 miles you will need to bring your range rover for the necessary yearly maintenance. Only with regular maintenance can you keep your vehicle in the top-notch, best working condition. With these tasks, your range rover’s suspensions and steering will stay in proper working condition and let you know when there are any preventative measures needed. The maintenance check at this level includes the following checks.

  • Suspension and steering
  • Transmission and coolant fluids

15,000 Miles

When your range rover’s milage reaches 30,000 miles, the mechanics will do all the necessary maintenance performed at the 5,000, 10,000, and 15,000 milage marks. In addition, the following items will also be inspected.

  1. The brake system, inclusive of the hose and the line
  2. All the seat belts
  3. Fuel line and driveshaft
  4. The steering system
  5. Wiring harness and suspension

Where to Get Maintenance for your Range Rover?Maintenance for your Range Rover

Whenever you feel that your range rover’s odometer has reached a high mileage interval, you will need to bring it in for proper maintenance and repair. There are multiple range rover repair and maintenance services like the land rover garage where you can get the best quality services for your range rover to get it running like new. Try to follow the range rover maintenance schedule given above to achieve the best care for your range rover.


If you owe a range rover, regular maintenance and repair are a must, needed for keeping your vehicle in the best possible condition. The information above will benefit you greatly in knowing more about the repairs, maintenance, and schedule required by your luxury vehicle to stay at its best. Make sure to take proper care of your range rover if you plan on keeping it in the best possible condition for as long as possible.

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