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ITR Logistics, a leading brand in the logistics industry in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, prepares all the necessary documents for transportation processes professionally for you. As the only authorized agent of the African Transport Council, which is unparalleled in its field, you can start your loading certificate process immediately by contacting ITR Logistics.

The company has signed dozens of loading certificates since 2001 and satisfies exporters with its fast solutions.

We should also mention that the company, which has been providing ECTN/BESC services globally for over 20 years, prepares transportation certificates for many countries in West Africa and is the only authorized agent of the West African Transport Council in Turkey.

Shipments prepared for shipping from Dubai to the Middle East, Europe, and Africa must have a loading certificate. The shipments must have a loading document to be withdrawn from the port.

You can contact ITR Logistics to obtain all the necessary loading certificates, such as BSC, ECTN, FERI, and BIETC. If you submit the documents required to the company by making your application quickly and easily, your loading certificate will be approved within a few business days.

The company, which provides expert guidance and effective solutions in the industry, is on the side of exporters and provides all the procedures required for loading documents in the fastest and most practical way.

As a service provider agency for foreign trade and exporters, the countries where the company prepares loading certificates are as follows:

  • Guinea Bissau ECTN-CEE
  • Somali CTN
  • Nigeria CTN
  • Senegal BSC
  • Cameroon BESC
  • Mali BESC
  • Burundi ECTN
  • Angola – CNCA Certificate

Additionally, you Can Obtain Loading Certificates for the Following CountriesLoading Certificate

  • Ghana CTN Certificate
  • Benin BESC Certificate
  • Egypt ACID
  • Madagascar BSC
  • Democratic Republic of Congo – FERI Certificate
  • Gabon BIETC
  • Ivory Coast BSC
  • Equatorial Guinea ECTN
  • South Sudan ECTN
  • Sierra Leone ENS
  • Central African Republic ECTN
  • Togo ECTN
  • Burkina Faso ECTN – URN
  • Chad BESC
  • Guinea Conakry ECTN – ICTN
  • The Republic of Congo ECTN
  • Liberia CTN
  • Libya ECTN

A loading certificate is one of the most important documents required for the transportation services of forwarders and exporters. The loading certificate must be legally obtained. Shipments without a loading certificate cannot be unloaded from the port and are subject to a penalty.

Please apply for a loading certificate with ITR Logistics to ensure your shipments’ smooth arrival and withdrawal at the port.

How Can You Apply for a Loading Certificate?Loading Certificate

  • Declaration
  • Invoice
  • Bill of Lading Certificate of
  • Origin

You can initiate the loading certificate application process by sending documents such as the declaration, invoice, bill of lading, and certificate of origin to the ITL Logistics email address.

Certificates, usually approved within 1 to 5 business days, may vary in document procurement from country to country. Please contact the company for the correct document procurement.

You can also contact the agency to become a business partner for loading certificates in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Please fill out the contact form or contact the company through the provided contact numbers to obtain a loading certificate in Dubai.

ITR Logistics acts as the exclusive representative for numerous shipper councils throughout Africa. They specialize in providing a crucial document called the tracking note (CTN) for goods exported from the Middle East. These tracking notes are prepared and validated by ITR Logistics and are essential for customs clearance at the destination port.

Thanks to their experienced team and extensive network of sub-agents, ITR Logistics is well-positioned to offer top-notch service to clients. They service various destinations, which can be found on their webpage titled “Serviced Destinations.”

It’s essential to remember that with the appropriate waiver, businesses may avoid delays and penalties at the discharge port. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that clients seek the expertise and services of ITR Logistics to ensure a smooth and efficient export process.

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