How to Start a Digital Marketing Company in Dubai UAE

If you start a digital marketing agency in Dubai, it will be the best decision in many aspects. Even a little investment in this field will give you great returns. The continuous increase in Dubai’s economy,  with new business reforms and the least barriers, will give you endless opportunities to start your business in Dubai. In Dubai, this business has limitless growth with an estimated production cost of 25% to 40%, specifically in the digital marketing business annually.  In spite of the significant business growth in Dubai, you still have to consider various considerations while starting your digital marketing Company there.

Why Dubai For Starting a Digital Marketing Agency Setup?

There are numerous benefits besides starting this business in Dubai. This place holds an attractive tax policy as there is 0% tax on personal and corporate income. The VAT is still 5%, and if you start your setup in the creative zone, then you will get maximum benefits. You will be facilitated with no currency restriction and provided with plus profit and capital repatriation freedom. In addition, setting up a business in this area will give easy access to trade licenses.

Follow These Steps to Start a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

Start a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

This is the first step where you decide where you have to start your company. You can start it on either the mainland, free zone, or creative zone by meeting all their requirements. If you work in the mainland zone, you can access nearby markets for business without the help of any agent and also take part in different government contracts.

Get Work in Creative Zone

As you have realized the benefits of working in a creative zone, first seek out this zone’s services. The selection of the correct and suitable business structure is necessary as it will guide you to which region suits you well, either the free zone, creative zone, or UAE mainland. This decision should be taken early as it positively impacts your license application process.

Assigning Trade Name and Build Portfolio

Here in this step, think of a simple and appealing name that is totally unique for your business. There are certain rules and regulations regarding the company name, such as it should not match with any other organization and not being inappropriate. You can start your business with small projects to build your portfolio to attract other clients. You can write all the services that you are offering and testimonials of your clients in your portfolio. Boosting your social media presence will attract other clients to your business.

Applying For License

Applying For Professional License in Dubai

When you get the approval on your company name, apply for a license. There are different types of licenses in Dubai, such as patents, copyright licenses, trademarks, and professional licenses. The digital marketing agency requires a professional license to conduct relevant marketing work. You have to submit an initial approval certificate and other mandatory documents to respective departments. The most important step that will make your company legal is getting the license for running your digital marketing agency. For the licensing procedure, you have to bring some documents here:

  • Submit the application form and passport-size photographs.
  • Proof of ID and address for directors and shareholders.
  • Passport copies of all shareholders and directors.
  • Copy of approval receipt of the company name.
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA).
  • Articles of Association (AOA)

Remember, you can only carry out all mentioned business activities in your license and renew them for validation.

Open Bank Account & Visas

In this step, apply for visas for yourself and domestic staff, as the number of visa permits depends on the investment plan and office size. Opening a bank account before starting a digital marketing agency is necessary for availing everlasting business benefits. You must have a reliable corporate bank account, which will give you long-term business benefits and bank facilities.

Cost of Digital Marketing Business Setup

Starting a digital marketing company in Dubai is the easiest business; it doesn’t require extraordinary infrastructure as you only need a laptop and you can grow your business to its peak. The cost of starting the setup of this marketing agency work depends upon the size and location of the company. That is why people recommend starting a business in a creative zone is better for availing of maximum opportunities.


Having the right skills and knowledge, you can easily set up a digital marketing agency in Dubai. This business will give you perks as Dubai is the place of rapid business growth and development. You can start your setup in Dubai by fulfilling all prerequisites in a legal way. This region will provide you with a variety of clients, which will help you to reach your target audience easily.

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