There are different purposes of using the computer in any workplace. Among these varieties of purpose, the use of email is prominent in our routine work because of its many benefits. There are several email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. For the user’s convenience, nowadays outlook is used for email purposes. The outlook is a little bit different as it provides the collective service of all email service providers. It is rich in different features and it is considered as a client of email.

MS Outlook

MS Outlook

It sends and receives an email and manages your personal data such as appointments in the calendar, tasks, notes, and your contacts. The MS outlook has proven beneficial as it makes your access easy to different features with the keyboards commands. The use of keyboard commands makes your different tasks on it easy and quick. You can access your message easily as it has a proper folder system that will help you in getting your messages.

We come across many issues while using this software in which [pii_email_bbc3ff95d349b30c2503] error is one of them. What is the cause of this error and how it can be solved will be explained below in detail?

What Do You Understand By [pii_email_bbc3ff95d349b30c2503] Outlook Error?

What Do You Understand By [pii_email_bbc3ff95d349b30c2503] Outlook Error

This is the error code of MS outlook and it appears in different situations. The error is sometimes associated with the installation of the different programs or features on the system.

Causes Behind This Error

Causes Behind Outlook Error

For the solution, the reasons behind this error should be known. Following are some of the possible causes of this outlook error:

1. Operational Accounts

The error in the MS outlook may arise due to multiple functional accounts. When users use more than one MS outlook account on electronic devices error is produced.

2. Corrupted Files

When the files and cache data of the software are corrupted, it results in the development of the MS Outlook error.

3. Internet Issues

The unstable and interrupted internet leads to this error. A smooth internet is required for the streamlined working of this software.

4. Incompatibility Problems

Sometimes the version of MS Outlook is not compatible with your system and other versions of MS Outlook software. The incompatibility of the MS outlook with the Windows OS and MS Outlook software caused this error.

5. Version of Outlook

The use of outdated and old versions of outlook leads to this error in MS outlook. The use of the pirate version can also be the cause of this issue.

6. Settings of The MS Outlook

If the settings of the MS outlook software are disturbed or not configured then it causes this error in MS outlook.

7. Hacked Account

The hacking of MS outlook can be another cause of this problem.

8. SMTP Settings

The error or messed up SMTP settings and problem in port number may cause the error in the MS outlook.

9. Installations Issue

The problem that occurs during the installation of MS outlook can be the reason for the error production.

List of Solutions

Solutions of Outlook Error

After understanding all possible causes, now we are going to discuss all possible solutions. Following are some of the solutions:

1. Working on the Internet

The working and speed of the internet are checked as an initial step. Sometimes the internet instability and slow speed give you this error on Microsoft outlook. You can employ various means for checking your internet speed and connection.

2. Switch off Multiple Accounts

The MS outlook doesn’t allow any users to use multiple email accounts on a single account. For multiple email account users, the browser is suitable for this purpose. The other way is to switch off your multiple accounts and restart the system. Then again open MS outlook to check if the error persists or not.

3. Cleaning of System Memories

This is another simple and basic step in which you delete the system cache and memories so that errors from MS outlook are removed. The unwanted cache and cookies are considered a double account and they should be removed from the following process:

  • Open the run dialogue box by typing Control+R.
  • In the next step, Type %appdata% in the search bar.
  • It is recommended to delete the files in the App data. If you are doubted then delete the outlook folder.
  • When you delete the files from App data then delete them from local app data also by following these steps:
  • Open the run dialogue as in the previous step
  • The next step is different; here you will write the %Localappdata%
  • When the local app data opens, delete all the files from it as well.

Configuration of SMTP

The problem in the configuration of SMTP can become the cause of the error. Following are some of the elements which come under the SMTP configuration: email, username, and password. If you follow the below process, then you can check the configuration of SMTP.

  • Open the control panel
  • Select option “Mail”
  • Click on the “email accounts” from the popup that appears on the screen.
  • Here all email accounts are present.
  • Make a double click on any one of the emails.
  • If duplicate accounts are present in the popup then remove them. This is also the cause of this error in MS outlook.
  • Click on the option of “More setting”
  • Check username and password on the “My server requires authentication” in which the SMTP server is used.
  • In the next step, check the SMTP and IMAP port numbers. If you don’t know the port number, then ask the server administrator for it. When the checking and configuration process is complete, then again check the error on MS outlook.
  • The port number is changed through the use of a control panel
  • Open the outlook account and enter the code of your issue
  • In the setting option, go for the internet email setting
  • Change the code and save the setting by clicking Ok

Repair Tool

The window repair tool proves helpful in this regard and it is present in every window. You can find this tool in the troubleshooting center of the system for repairing the software.

Install And Reinstall the Software

You can reinstall when MS outlook didn’t install properly or is interrupted by the presence of other software. If it occurs then reinstalled the software by following these guidelines:

  • Go to the control panel and Open the program
  • Search the MS outlook
  • Remove the MS outlook software
  • Click on the uninstall tab to uninstall the software.
  • After that, reinstall the Software from the browser
  • You can also reinstall it from MS office 365
  • You will see that after reinstallation the error will be removed.

Modification In The Microsoft Outlook Setting

Modification In The Microsoft Outlook Setting

When the setting of SMTP and pop is not equal then an error is produced. You can remove the error by changing the settings then configuring it by the following steps.

  • Open the account in the MS outlook.
  • Users, who have more than one account, then open the one that has the error.
  • Enter your email ID in the error account to see whether it’s working or not.
  • Check, that server associated with outlook must be active
  • In the last step, check that configuration of the SMTP and POP must be the same. After making them identical, restart the MS outlook and see it will work properly.

Use of Browser

It is considered an alternative when you reinstall your software and it doesn’t work, because of any reason, such as compatibility with your desktop version. Then open the browser and use the software by entering the username and password.

Customer Support

Microsoft service provides customer support software for its users. If your problem is not solved by any means, then use customer service support as your last chance. It will provide you with the most effective solution within 24 hours for solving your issue.

Install VPN

In addition to the internet speed and its functioning, there is another issue related to networking and that is blocking off the different types of service. The blocking of MS outlook service happens rarely, but if it happens, then what will you do?

In that case, you will cross over the service by using the VPNs. Most people don’t know what VPN is. It is the virtual private network that will change the IP address. There are different types of VPNs that you can use for this purpose. Following are some of the premium VPNs that are one of the best in the market:

Use Licensed MS Outlook

Use Licensed MS Outlook

There is always a difference in the use of premium and free downloaded apps. If no solution works in fixing the error then buy the licensed software. Go for the licensed software and OEM-assured MS outlook to remove the errors.


It is recommended to solve the error in the MS outlook by following each above-mentioned method. Solve your problem by adopting the simple and basic methods then go for the complex one. The occurrence of this error in MS Outlook is not a big issue as it can be solved with the application of different methods.

Hope that this article will help you!

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