Vertical monitors are becoming the new cool for programmers, gamers, and developers. At first, the trend of having two monitors came, and now having a vertical screen or just a single monitor with a curved screen is the new highlight of the desktop iconic setup. But is having a vertical screen just for fun or for looking cool? And if you wish to have a vertical monitor, how can you achieve it? This article has answers to all such questions, so don’t worry just continue reading.

Why Do you Need a Vertical Monitor?need a vertical monitor

If you are a programmer or a software developer, switching to a vertical screen is to allow the developer to see more code. It eases the readability of code as well, and more work can be covered up easily. Moreover, most websites are designed to be read in a vertical manner, not in a landscape mode. Thus, if you are fond of reading articles on a computer screen or you are researching something, vertical monitors are preferred as they fulfill the proper manner in which those articles or particular websites are meant to be read. Furthermore, the vertical screen can be used for gaming as well. Particular games have better viewpoints or resolution in portrait mode; thus, playing them on a vertical screen guarantees more efficient performance and a better gaming experience.

Things You Need to Have Before Setting up a Vertical Monitorthing to need vertical monitor

The first thing you must have is a second monitor screen. Any old monitor screen would work or you can buy a new one as well. This will be a support screen as just using a single vertical screen is never feasible. You need to have a support screen. Consequently, when you want two monitor screens, you should have a CPU that can handle two monitor screens. The problem will only be with an old CPU because most modern ones even those you bought for normal use have enough ports and power to handle two monitor screens smoothly. Another important thing for setting up the monitor in vertical mode would be a stand to hold the monitor screen. You would need a detachable stand and the stand should be able to rotate 90 degrees as well. If the stand can’t rotate it won’t be able to provide the screen with the support it will require when in vertical mode. Last but not least, you should check if their monitor is compatible enough to be vertical to check if the monitor is VESA-compatible, which most monitors are.

Steps to Set up a Vertical Monitor

steps to set up

How to Set up a Windows Screen Monitor in Vertical Mode?

window verticle setting

Setting up your monitor as a vertical screen is nothing that requires one to hold a degree in computer science or mechanics. It only requires you to follow a few simple, easy steps and those steps are as follows,


First of all, make sure that your support monitor and the one you are planning to use as a vertical screen are working properly together. Connect both screens before trying to convert your monitor into a vertical screen. After connection, use both monitors together and see if any problem occurs and resolve that first. If both the screens work fine together then one is good to go and can move on to the next step happily.


After successfully connecting both the screens and ensuring their smooth run with no issues on the display, the next step involves changing the rotation of the monitor you want in vertical mode.

All you need to do is open settings and go to Display settings. The settings will show that there are two monitors as you just connected two monitors to their PC. In the next step, click on the identity button of the monitor screen one is planning to be vertical.

NOTE: if you don’t know what is the identification number of their screen, need not worry as you can just click on the identity button placed at the bottom right of the screen to know which identity number belongs to which screen.


Once you have successfully entered the display settings, just scroll down to find the Display orientation and change the landscape option to portrait mode. That’s it; now you have a monitor screen with a vertical display in just a few simple steps.

How to have a MAC in Vertical Mode?rotate monitor macos

Changing a mac OS monitor into vertical mode is easier than changing a window one. Just follow the following steps,

  • Open settings
  • Click on system preferences
  • Hold CMD and select display
  • Scroll down to find the rotation option
  • Once found, choose the orientation for your mac screen


Vertical monitors are not just fun to have but prove much beneficial as well. It makes article reading smoother and makes it much more efficient to debug code and write as well and all this can be achieved at little to no cost if you have a VESA-compatible monitor. Keeping abreast of the latest technology can be accomplished by visiting our website and reading our blog.


Is there any scenario in which a Vertical monitor is not advised?

Yes, graphic designers are advised not to use the vertical screen as their design flow is more landscape orientated. The same goes for web front-end developers unless they are designing a website with a portrait flow.

Is there any keyboard shortcut for setting screen orientation?

Yes, you can use Ctrl + Alt + any of the arrow keys to set the desired orientation. This shortcut mostly works on laptops but there’s no harm in trying if it works on the monitor one is using.

Is it compulsory to use another monitor screen as a support screen for the vertical monitor?

No, having another monitor is just a suggestion. You can even connect their laptop or in cases of MAC their iPads as the support screen. There is no compulsion on having another monitor screen connected to the PC to support your vertical screen.

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