How to Hire a Domestic Maid

Are you looking for a maid but haven’t found a suitable and trustworthy maid yet? Or do you have a lot of maids around but don’t know how to pick the best one among all? Then you have landed on the same post.

Hiring a maid is difficult, but going through a step-by-step approach can make it easy for you. We recommend you always hire a maid recommended by your family, friends, or neighbors. Certain things need to be considered during the hiring process and after hiring the best maid.

Let’s dig more into it:

1. Hiring an Independent Maid

Hiring an Independent Maid

Hiring a maid from a Housemaid Supply Center or hiring an independent maid has some differences. First of all, a separate maid costs you less than hiring a maid from an agency. Such maids work for themselves, and they do not have to pay a certain amount to their companies and so charge less.

Always ask your family and friends to hire a recommended maid.

2. Hiring a Maid from Agency

Hiring a Maid from Agency

Trust is the primary thing that needs to be considered while hiring a maid. Hiring an independent maid costs you less but is always hard to be trusted. Mostly, you don’t know about their address details, so accountability is strict. Domestic Helper Agencies have a higher rate as they go through a more precise interview process, so fewer chances of fraud exist.

3. Hire from Social Media

Hire from Social Media

Yes, you can avail this option too. Now social media has a lot to help in almost every case. You can state your requirements in some relevant group and see what people say about it. Go for a maid who has the best reviews.

4. Make a List of Services that You Want From Them

Make a List of Services that You Want From Them

Make a bulleted list of everything you want a maid to do for you. For example, if you want them to do just basic cleaning or deep cleaning. Basic cleaning includes vacuum cleaning and wiping down all the floors. On the other hand, deep cleaning includes mopping, dusting, washing dishes, laundry, and more thorough cleaning.

It’s a good idea to have a walkthrough of the house and the maid. Remember, the charges of the maids vary from the amount of work you want them to do for you. Always negotiate the amount.

Also, discuss how often you want the maid to clean your house. This, too, directly impacts the amount of money the maid will charge from you.

5. Ask About the Appliances

Ask About the Appliances

Always ask if the maid will use their appliances for cleaning or you have to provide them. It’s a good idea to provide them with your appliances for cleaning to reduce their rates.

6. Create a Contract

Create a Contract

Always write everything about the agreement. For example, you must write about the services you want from the maid, what they are charging, the number of working days, and which day of the month you are paying them. Also, write about the leaves when the maid didn’t appear, any amount you have paid them in advance, and if they have damaged some precious thing.

Final Words

Where you have a set of rules that you make sure the maid follows, you must treat them with friendly and kind behavior. You must understand that they can have many problems, and kindness is the only thing they want in return.

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