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Businesses all around the world, including in the MENA area, are switching from antiquated attendance systems to time and attendance software, and for good reason.

Time and attendance software is much more efficient and productive compared to the manual processes of recording an employee’s shift times and attendance, helping businesses to fast track their processes and grow at a better rate. One of the businesses that have benefited from time and attendance software is the retail business. Time and attendance software has helped retail stores boost their customer service.

In this post, we’ll discuss how time and attendance software is helping businesses in general and specifically retail stores.

Choosing the Right Time and Attendance  Software

Choosing the correct time and attendance software is essential for it to help your business. There are certain things you must consider when choosing a time and attendance software:

1. Software Should be Scalable

You should be able to support both your present and future needs with the time and attendance management software you select. The solution you select must be scalable in order to accommodate your expanding needs if you are the owner of a quickly expanding business that plans to grow over the coming years.

2. Software Should be Customizable

The degree of customization that the system allows is something else you should consider. A more comprehensive system will function better for large businesses that are dealing with various personnel schedules and shifts.

3. Software Should Suit Your Requirements

The ideal time clock system for your business will rely on your unique requirements. A card scanning system might be sufficient for smaller businesses where managers can keep track of staff. You could need biometric tracking that makes use of handprints, fingerprints, or facial features for larger businesses. You might even use time clocks that take the employee’s location into consideration for businesses that offer remote employment opportunities or are based in different places.

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Benefits of Time and Attendance  Software

Eliminates Buddy Punching

Employees all across the world have been using the ‘buddy-punching’ flaw that outdated attendance systems frequently have for years. No need to contact the HR department because your staff isn’t punching each other literally. They are timing one another in for their shifts. If you have a small team of maybe 10 to 20 individuals, this is quite simple to spot: if two employees who punched in seconds apart from one other also happen to be buddies, there’s a good possibility one of them is filling in for the other.

You can’t be expected to sit back and watch attendance times every morning, though, with a wider pool of personnel, this requirement is removed by a time and attendance system that makes each employee clock in individually.

One guaranteed approach to ensure that you never have to deal with the problem of buddy punching again is to use biometric data.

Reduces Unplanned Day Offs

Your staff will be less likely to understand the significance of attendance and timings when it comes to their performance if there is no structure in place. Even if it might not significantly harm your business, it undermines office civility and speaks of a lazy work ethic. The implementation of a time attendance system guarantees the existence of checks and balances that will compel the employees to adhere to a set of regulations.

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Your employees will be marked as present, absent, or otherwise by a time and attendance program. It makes your HR staff’s lives easier, especially if you’re still using an antiquated attendance system.

Boosts Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

Requests for early departures, late arrivals, brief leaves, etc., are among the perks that every company provides to its staff. But here’s the thing: without a database and sophisticated software, it can be challenging to keep track of the various logs for a large number of employees.

You can get around that issue with the aid of time and attendance software.

Benefits of a Time and Attendance  System for Retail Stores

The implementation of time and attendance software helps retail stores boost their sales as well as provide better customer service to their customers. This is due to the fact that a time and attendance system ensures all staff is present when their respective shift starts and their no shortage when customers come in.

Less number of absentees also helps with the efficient scheduling of business tasks. Employees are not overburdened by covering up for one another due to unplanned off days from their fellow employees. Customers are attended to properly and efficiently.

Better employee productivity leads to better service provided to the customer, resulting in customers returning, a boost in sales, and the generation of more business for the store.

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