How Much is to Rent a Ferrari in Dubai

It is a common trend to hire a car in another country for moving from one place to another without any hassle of public transport. Talking about Dubai, renting a car is common here.

Dubai is a famous spot for tourists. Most of the people who visit there are tourists, and they need a car to move from one part to another. Therefore, renting a car to visit the famous spot is more suitable than using public transport for this purpose. The best thing about renting a Ferrari in Dubai to enjoy luxury is affordable.

Why Ferrari?

Its best choice to rent a Ferrari in Dubai because its speed enhance its beauty

The speed of the Ferrari enhances its beauty. You can shift the gear of this car at the speed of light. The moment you start driving, you feel the power of the vehicle. The classy interior and exterior of this brand have the ability to make your ride memorable and dreamy.

The alluring photogenic look of this car attracts every person on the road. Driving a Ferrari is considered an event by the people due to its beauty, adventure, attractive features, and looks. Therefore, this car is the first choice by tourists and citizens of Dubai.

Available Facilities for Renting a Ferrari

Available Facilities for Renting a Ferrari 

These are the following facilities you can avail of while rent Ferrari in Dubai. You can pick everything based on your needs and budget.:

  • You can rent a Ferrari for a day, a week, and even for a whole month.
  • You can rent it as self-drive or with a driver.
  • The rent of the car is based on its mileage and model.

Requirements for Rent

Requirements for rent a Ferrari in Dubai is driver should be more than 21 years old

You should fulfill the following requirements while applying for rent. :

  • You should have a driving license.
  • The age of the driver should be more than 21.
  • A copy of the Identity card of UAE should be necessary for UAE residents.
  • There must be a driver’s credit card for the submission of the security. In addition to this, cash and credit cards also work in the renting process. It all depends on the different company’s rules and regulations.

For Tourist

The people, who visit UAE, must have a copy of their passport, visit visa, international driving permit, and driving license of their home country.

Payment Process

The following payment needs to be paid while renting a car:

  • Value-added tax 5%
  • Security deposit approximately 5000AED
  • Advance payment for car booking.

Cost of Taking a Ferrari on a Rent

The cost varies depending upon the model and mileage, but the approximate range is 5500 AED to 15000 AED per day and 120000 per month. However, Ferrari with the latest model is expensive compared to the old one.

Precautionary Measures Taking a Rent

Precautionary Measures Taking a Rent

  • Give a complete and thoughtful look at the rental agreement.
  • The cost of clocked mileage should be present in the rental agreement. There is an additional charge for extra mileage.
  • Comprehensive insurance must be present in the agreement. This will cover you from the penalty in case of a sudden accident without your fault.
  • Remind the rental companies three hours before to pick up their car at your location.

Rent a Ferrari in Dubai to enjoy luxury at low prices. Moreover, the renting process is straightforward because this is common in Dubai. So, try a Ferrari ride to get the feel of a luxurious lifestyle without paying much.

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