One of the most distinguishing things about Dubai is its sparkling towers and sandbanks, making it hard to believe that the city was once a small village for fishing. Dubai hosts a very impressive transformational history. An essential part of the city that represents its historic background is the Dhows, old-fashioned, traditional wooden boats that were once used by local fishermen to navigate the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. Today, Dhow cruise Marina serves as one of the most popular attractions in the city.

Imagine a Dhow Cruise in a relaxing evening with your loved ones, surely a moment you’ll want to preserve forever. This is exactly what you can do on the Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise. Feasting and enjoying the city tour is still one of the most popular things people enjoy at Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise. Here is everything you need to know about the amazing Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina.

Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise

Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise

A cruise on the Dubai Marina Dhow with Dubai city tour services like Oasis Palm Tourism for Dubai City Tours takes you through the fascinating views of the city on a traditional, old-styled Dhow that reflects the Venetian culture and style. The old-fashioned Dhow cruise Marina Dubai has all the modern facilities you can enjoy. This includes proper arrangements for entertainment, air-conditioning, in-house music, spacious seating, and a tasty buffet dinner.

While the Dhow’s upper deck has open-air seating, the lower deck is well air-conditioned. The live Arabic Tanoura dance performance tends to keep the audience entertained. For food-loving customers, Dubai Marina has a delightful full–course buffet that will leave you licking your fingers. The hospitality and dinner are unmatched. The Middle-East food specialties are covered in the buffet menu including foods like Arabic tea (Kehwa), dates, and Sheesh Tawouk.

Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise; What You Get

Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise; What You Get

Marina Dhow Cruise Dubai with Al Wasl Dhow for Dhow Cruise Marina and such services should be on your bucket list when you visit Dubai. On your trip here, you will get the following amazing experiences, one that you will always remember!

1. Explore the Amazing Views

Explore the Amazing Views

A ride on a traditional Dhow on the Marina takes you through the breathtaking views of the city through the waters. As the Dhow takes you through the amazing sites and views of Dubai, make sure to look out of the window as you pass by. The Dhow cruise Marina is all about exploring the luxurious Dubai Skyline. You will get to explore the glittering modern landscape of the city!

2. Enjoy a Delightful Dinner

Enjoy a Delightful Dinner

Another of the things that you’ll love at the Dubai Marina Dhow is the amazing and tasty food. Most people know the Dhow as a floating restaurant, offering the best foods for food lovers. You are welcomed on board with a refreshing drink and some traditional dates, after which you get an amazing international buffer along with some unique beverages. While you enjoy your meal, soft music in the background will keep you entertained and excited as you eat.

The dinner menu on the Marina Dhow Cruise is a combination of the best dishes from Asian, European, and middle-eastern cuisines. The cuisine offers a great range of non-vegetarian and vegetarian platters. The desserts cover some amazing Arabic sweets you’ll love.

3. Be Entertained

Your Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise experience with Abu Dhabi City Tour services will always be filled with entertainment. Not a second goes by when you aren’t entertained. To entertain you, a male dancer will perform the traditional Tanoura folk dance, dating back to Egyptian heritage. The dancer wears a weighted skirt and colorful clothes and swirls with interesting tricks. You’ll love seeing the dancer spin without getting dizzy for a second.

Cruising Dubai Landmarks with Dhow Marina

The Dubai Canal is widely known as being one of the 7 man made wonders of this world. You will get the chance to witness the man-made Dubai canal in all its glory when cruising along the Marina Lagoon in Dubai. The canal route takes you through the sky-high towers, iconic of the city, including the Cayan Twisted Tower, Dubai Marina Mall, Ain Dubai, the world’s highest observatory wheel, and JBR. Then you head to the Bluewater development hosting the legendary Caesars Palace. As you cruise, you will see the Atlantic Hotel on Burj Khalifa and Palm Island from the distance. The Dubai Marina is surely a sight to behold for the tourists and there’s no better way to cruise than on a Dhow Cruise!

As the Dhow sails on, you’ll see the sky-high buildings of Dubai with the waterway sides decorated with lit date palms. At first glance, they seem like lamp posts. The people on the malls and walkways are usually American and European ex-pats and the local Arabs.

Hosting Exclusive Events on the Marina Dhow Cruise

Hosting Exclusive Events on the Marina Dhow Cruise

The Marina Dhow Cruise is also the most ideal place for making an event memorable. The Dhow Cruise Marina serves as the perfect venue that can take around 199 guests on the lower and upper decks. The best part is the free sailing. Whether it’s a marriage, anniversary, birthday, or corporate celebration, Marina Dhow Cruise is the best place for hosting your event.

The Verdict

The Marina Dhow Cruise Dubai is one of the most popular tourist activities for tourists who come to visit the city. It does not just offer feasting, eye-catching views of the sparkling city, but also keeps you entertained throughout your two-hour journey. Moreover, you are served amazing, delicious cuisine, starting off with drinks and heading towards dinner or buffet. Following the Marina Dhow Cruise tips, you can enjoy a calm trip through the city as you enjoy the cool breeze hitting your face. Dubai City Tour services are a great option for planning your trip in the best way to get the best views of Dubai. Above, we have covered everything about the Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise that you need to know about before taking a start.

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