Etisalat Bill Payments Online through Credit Card

Online payments have become a mainstream method of payment. People are keener to pay online rather than physically due to the ease of technology. Paying builds requires a lot of time to pay and takes effort while paying online requires just a few minutes. These improvements have provided ease and convenience.

If you struggle to pay builds through your credit card and want to learn how to pay Etisalat landline bill payment online, read the method provided in the article, so it is easy for you.

Ways to Pay Etisalat Bills Online

You can easily pay Etisalat bill payment online through a credit card. This method provides a safe transaction and is easy. You can either pay the Etisalat bill online through its website bill payment portal or quick pay or pay through the app. The benefit of downloading its app is that you can avail many vouchers and discounts on recharges.

1. Etisalat Payment Online through Credit Cards (Payment Portal)

Etisalat Payment

This method requires you to pay through a credit card by accessing the online bill payment Etisalat portal.

  1. You need to open the website of the Elialat payment portal. It is easily accessible.
  2. If you have already registered on the Etisalat website, you must log into the payment portal to access the further steps. Log in, navigate and select the ‘pay bill’ option.
  3. After filling in the required details, for example, your phone number, you will be expected to select the mode of payment; from the given list of options, select credit card. This will result in opening the page displaying your credit card details. Fill in your phone number and the type of bills you need to pay.
  4. When you have filled in all the required information, submit the payment by clicking on the offer at the bottom and successfully finish the online bill payment Etisalat internet.

2. Etisalat Quick Pay

Etisalat Quick Pay

The quick pay service will allow Etisalat bill payment online without logging into the site.

  1. Open the Etisalat website and choose the quick pay option.
  2. Enter either your phone or internet number and a one-time password will be provided to you. Enter this password.
  3. After entering the password, you will be required to choose the payment of your choice. Fill in all the required information, for example, your card number.
  4. The payment will be successful if the information entered is correct.

3. Etisalat UAE App

Etisalat UAE app

You can pay Etisalat bills online, too, through its app. Download the app from the play store or the app store. After creating an account, view your bills and pay online.

4. Pay Automatically

Pay Automatically Etisalat

Etisalat provides autopay service. This service does not let you miss an invoice. On the Etisalat website, you provide payment information and register payments online. When the bill is due, it will automatically be debited from your account.

5. E-bills

You can send an SMS with your email ID to 1997 to receive e-bills.  When all the invoices are in your email, there will be fewer chances of losing them.

6. E-Wallet

Download the Etisalat app to be able to pay bills through an e-wallet. From this, you can pay bills in stores as well as internationally.

Final Words

Pay your bill online by accessing the Etisalat website or downloading its app quickly. There are many methods of payment provided online on the Etisalat website to select from, so you can easily choose what suits you the best.

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