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YouTube is loaded with tonnes of interesting videos from tutorials and makeup videos to cooking and blogs. You’ll find every type of video on the amazing platform! Sometimes, when you’re enjoying a music video on YouTube, you want to get it in an mp3 form on your Android device so you can play it whenever you wish even without the internet. Sadly, YouTube itself doesn’t allow you to convert its videos into mp3 form. No need to worry! There is still a way to do so. We are here with the list of the 5 best YouTube to Mp3 converters for Android devices. Let’s take you through it.

1. VidMateVidMate

Vidmate is a great app for converting YouTube Videos into mp3 forms on your Android device. The app is fully functional and allows you to watch the videos and download them in the best quality. To download a YouTube video in mp3 form you need to find the video and copy it to the Vidmate search bar. Click the download button and select mp3 format. The app is free to use.


  • Download several media files together
  • Stream and then download your media files in high quality
  • Fully functional
  • Simple operation


  • The app cannot be downloaded from PlayStore
  • Downloading from unknown sources includes risk

2. SnapTubeSnapTube

SnapTube is a very efficient and convenient YouTube to Mp3 converter for Android which allows fast, simple, and easy conversion of videos. This app is a functional app allowing you to access video and audio files from different platforms easily. The application also has its own media player for ease. SnapTube allows you to download your audios to your device just as you need them. You can use the tool for free.


  • Convenient, simple, and fast
  • Access audios and videos from different platforms including YouTube
  • Supports its own media player
  • Download audios and videos at different qualities and bit rates


  • Contains ads
  • Can’t play audios without downloading the apps media player

3. SnappeaSnappea

Snappea is another YouTube to Mp3 converter which we think will live up to your expectations. You can browse YouTube videos and add the URL to Snappea for Mp3 download or directly scroll the YouTube on the app’s interface. This app also allows you to download mp3 audios in different bit rates and formats. Another unique thing about Snappea is that you can easily pause and resume the download as you want. Snappea is a free converter.


  • Download audios and videos from different streaming sites
  • Supports an in-built browser
  • Free
  • Pause and resume your download as needed
  • Download YouTube videos in different formats and bit rates


  • Contains ads
  • Supports batch downloads but downloads files turn by turn.

4. iTubeGoiTubeGo

iTubeGo is a good YouTube to Mp3 converter for those who have minimal requirements. It allows you to download Mp3 files from different streaming sites including YouTube. You just need to log in to get access. The app also allows you to download large video files into Mp3 forms like series and movies. Moreover, the application also has a built-in browser. This is a paid tool.


  • Works with limited requirements
  • Download large files
  • Supports batch downloads
  • Supports a very smart detection tool
  • Supports cutting audios and videos as needed


  • The app cannot be downloaded from PlayStore
  • Contains ads
  • The paid version is required for free YouTube access

5. PeggoPeggo

Peggo is another amazing YouTube to Mp3 converter that allows you to download your YouTube videos in an Mp3 form. The thing is that this app cannot be downloaded from PlayStore, so you’ll need to get the apk files for Android. Peggo allows you to get high-quality Mp3 audios and you can also set the volume or silence the audio. A real-time recording facility is also supported. The application downloads the files to your device’s music directory. You can use Pegog for free.


  • Converts different videos to Mp3 form
  • Download high-quality videos in Mp3 form
  • Real-time recording supported
  • Remove or silence the volume
  • Sub-tracks supported


  • Cannot be downloaded from PlayStore, apk version may be risky

Final Words

When you listen to a music video on YouTube, you may have thought of downloading it in an audio form but maybe you never knew how to as yet. Well, that’s not very hard. You can easily convert your favorite YouTube videos to Mp3 form on Your Android device using any of the applications above. This will download the file to your device from where you can then play it in an Mp3 form, whenever and wherever you want. Haven’t tried it out yet? Give it a shot today and visit for more tips and tricks!

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