Best Co-Working Space in Dubai

Co-working is often used by home-based professionals, freelancers, or new companies but it can be also used by people who are working for a company but do not have access to an office.

The world of co-working is getting bigger and bigger. Thousands of startups have chosen the flexible concept of co-working as their first office space. A lot of companies, which used to work from office buildings, have changed their business model and started using co-working spaces instead.

What is Co-Working?

Coworking is a work environment that is shared by people who are working independently on their own type of business. Usually, these individuals share some common space and services such as staff, Internet connection, and mainly office equipment. They can also use the community to establish new contacts or to maintain existing relations with other professionals.

The coworking movement is spreading throughout the world offering a flexible community where you can rent a desk or an office seat whenever you need it. You pay only for the time that you actually use your space and equipment.

How To Find A Coworking Space in Dubai, UAE?

Finding a coworking space in Dubai can be challenging, with so many companies opening their doors, but not all of them are reliable and with good customer service.

The best way to find out more about your favorite coworking space is by visiting it or contacting the team. Don’t hesitate to ask for references if you’re looking into a big coworking space or even companies that have been using their services for a long time.

Do not expect free services from your coworking space especially if it’s located in Dubai or Abu Dhabi where rent is very high and most of the companies charge you for every extra service they provide, such as electricity, phone line, etc.

Most of the coworking spaces out there are not very expensive, so it’s up to you to find the one that will suit your needs and budgets.

Top Coworking Space Providers in Dubai

1. Dubizzle

Dubbizle co-workspace in Dubai

The largest online classified portal in the UAE, Dubizzle, has opened its first coworking space called Dx3. This unique community is located at Dubai Healthcare City and offers fully furnished offices with custom-built workstations. You can also take advantage of all other utilities that are provided by the company’s partner institutions such as Cisco, Red Hat & Microsoft. Dx3 is not just a place where you can get an office or desk rental but it’s also a unique experience that will let you have the chance to meet local and international entrepreneurs.

2. Dubai Media City

Co-Workspace Dubai Media City

DMC is Dubai’s leader in the media and entertainment industry which attracts foreign professionals as well as local entrepreneurs looking for collaboration opportunities. The coworking space offers various meeting rooms and workstations with state-of-the-art technology services such as high-speed internet connection, telephones, and video conferencing equipment. DMC Coworking also provides IT support and personalized customer service to meet all your needs.

3. The Hub

Co-Working Space The Hub in Dubai

A leading provider of shared workspaces, The Hub’s coworking space in Dubai is located at Business Bay and offers a professional working environment with all the amenities you need to make your business a success. This fully equipped office space has printing and scanning services as well as high-speed wireless internet access.

The Hub also provides various meeting rooms for their members that can be used whenever they have an important meeting or just want to have a video conference from the comfort of their own desk.

4. JLT Cluster R

Co-Working Space JLT Cluster R Dubai

Based at JLT Jumeirah Lakes Towers this coworker space is 100% serviced, with all-inclusive pricing and monthly flexible contracts. A key feature of this coworking space is the dual citizenship it provides its members which allows them to have access to a pool of talents from across the world.

5. Locus Workspace

Locus co-workspace in Dubai

This Dubai-based coworking space offers affordable office and desk rentals at very competitive prices. If you’re looking for a new working environment then Locus might be your best option as they provide comfortable yet modern spaces that will make you feel right at home. Also, if you like to take every minute of your day seriously then Locus is perfect for you because they offer amazing facilities such as high-speed internet, telephones, printers, and two work lounges where you can have your lunch or just relax for a while.

Benefits of Using a Co-Working Space in UAE

The benefits of using a co-working space in the UAE are plenty and we’ll try to cover as much as we can. So, here goes:

1. You don’t need to commit yourself

If you’re looking for a flexible work schedule then coworking spaces provide the perfect solution as you only pay for what you use and not more. There’s no minimum contract and most coworking spaces allow their users to book only one day at a time for those “I just need a place to work today” moments. You choose your own office – When it comes to choosing an office size all coworking spaces offer different types of services such as hot desks (for those who never use an office), shared desks with fixed working hours, or even private offices for those in need of a more serious work environment.

2. No Extra Costs

When you become a member in one of the coworking spaces you don’t need to worry about paying for electricity, water, or other services because they are all included in your monthly payment. You can also book meeting rooms whenever you have an important meeting to attend.

3. Sharing is Caring

The main reason why most entrepreneurs are using co-working spaces is that they provide an opportunity to work with other people that can provide valuable insight into your business just by sharing their knowledge and experience which definitely beats working alone every day! It’s also great to have someone who understands what you’re going through when it comes to running your own business so it’s always good to have a friend nearby when you’re in need.

4. No Commute to Work

If you go to the same office every day it can be annoying especially if your office is located in the middle of the city and where you live is way out of town. When working from home or even choosing a co-working space that isn’t close to your house, you’ll never have any commutes which save you time and finally provide an opportunity for yourself to concentrate on what makes your business great!


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