Best Cases for 14-inch MacBook Pro

In 2021, Apple released its popular Macbook Pros, taking the world by storm. Within a few months of its release, the number of buyers increased drastically. Featuring a sleek and modern design, 14-inch Macbook Pros support a large LED XDR Liquid Retina Display and long-lasting battery life. When you’re making such a significant investment, it only makes sense to take care of it. While a few scratches won’t do any harm, we’re sure you want to protect your device in the best way possible. Are you looking for a good MacBook Pro 14-inch case? Today, you have multiple 14-inch Macbook Pro cases. We are here with 8 of the best choices for you.

8 Best MacBook 14-inch Pro Cases

1. HardShell Dot CaseHardShell Dot Case

HardShell Dot Case is one of the famous MacBook 14-inch Pro cases trending today. Its form-fitting and light weight offer ideal protection while the elegant design maintains the stylish look. This case supports an injected-molded construction, a sophisticated style, and rubber feet for easy handling. You can access the ports of your Macbook through the cutouts. Moreover, you have multiple colour options to choose from. Some colours include ice pink, clear, and black.

2. MOSISO Case


Mosiso 14″ case is a fantastic choice for those considering budgeting a priority. MOSI makes the best hardshell covers in different colours and fits most Macbook Pro versions. With a no-cut-out design, the case is fully vented to remove heat when you use your Misoso case. It also includes a screen protector and keyboard cover skin. MOSISO cases easily fit the Macbook, and snap-on segments offer protection from scratches.

3. UAG Plyo Series Rugged Case

UAG Pylo Series Rugged Case

UAG, Urban Armor Gear offers some exceptional rugged Macbook Pro 14″ cases, offering perfect protection for your device. The latest Pylo series solid case offers a minimalist and sleek design yet makes no compromise on safety. Rugged cases are often bulky and heavy, but that’s not the case with this one. The UAG Plyo Series Rugged Macbook Pro 14″ cases are surprisingly low profile and lightweight.

4. Thule Gaunlet MacBook Pro Sleeve

Thule Gaunlet MacBook Pro Sleeve

The Thule Gauntlet Macbook Pro Sleeve is another ideal case option for Macbook 14″ pro that offers excellent safety, keeping your mind at peace. While it is just a sleeve, it provides superior protection levels with its improved edge protection and polyurethane exterior. With its clamshell design, you can use the Macbook inside its case.

Available in many sizes, the Thule Gaunlet Macbook case is a perfect travel case that comes at the exact cost of any more oversized sleeve.

5. ProCase Heavy Duty Bumper Case

ProCase Heavy Duty Bumper Case

ProCase Heavy Duty Bumper Case is a hardshell protection case for your Macbook Pro 14″, offering an improved heat distribution and typing angle. While you don’t get complete shock absorption, it provides just enough protection for everyday bumps or knocks. The two foldout legs of the case push the Macbook higher, offering a better typing angle and comfortable viewing.

The base houses of this case are the most intriguing feature, offering ideal protection. If you have demanding work and long working hours, this Macbook case is the best option for you.

6. Braden Design CaseBraden Design Case

Braden Macbook 14″ cases are a stylish addition to the case family. If you’re someone who prefers style, this is the best Macbook Pro case for you. These cases come in various styles ranging from floral to marble prints. Besides their beauty, the cases offer good ventilation through their holes. The Macbook Pro 14″ case package includes a transparent bottom case, keyboard cover, and top case. The case has everything you need; cutouts to access the Macbook ports and ventilation through holes.

7. Tomtoc 360 Protective 14′ Laptop Sleeve MacBook Pro

Tomato 360 protective 14″ Macbook Pro case is an ideal protection case available at an affordable price. With its bubble padding, it offers perfect military-grade protection for your device. This Macbook sleeve is waterproof and offers ideal protection against bumps, drops, and scratches. Don’t worry about the bubble padding; it won’t make your laptop heavy. It also has a small external pocket, just the right size to store any extra accessories. Tomtoc 360 14″ sleeve is a perfect fit for your Macbook, so you can safely carry it wherever you wish.

8. Estarer Leather Briefcase for MacBook 14′ ProEstarer Leather Briefcase for MacBook 14' Pro

This 14-inch MacBook pro case is ideal for a professional setting where you must carry your laptop in a bag. The briefcase leather case is a perfect fit for Macbook Pro 14″. The leather feel adds a sophisticated touch, but the case isn’t as lightweight as the others. The good part is that the case is spacious enough to fit several things besides your Macbook.

Best 14″ Macbook Pro cases; How to Find One that Suits Your NeedsBest 14 Macbook Pro cases

MacBook is a worthy investment, but you’d need to look after it because it isn’t the most durable of devices. With care, it can last for years, but without it, your Macbook may be a guest for a few days. One way to protect your Macbook is to get a good case. Yet, if you want to keep its look, you’ll need one that matches your taste. Here are a few things to consider when buying a Macbook 14″ Pro case.


One thing to consider is the environment. Suppose you travel a lot or live in a hot country. In that case, you’ll want a Macbook case with proper ventilation to regulate the temperature and reduce the risk of overheating.

Professional Needs

Make sure to consider your professional needs, how and where you will use your Macbook, and select a suitable case accordingly.

Quality, Build, and MaterialQuality, Build, and Material of mac book cases

You’ll want to consider the quality and material of the case if you’re using it for Macbook protection. Choose the suitable casing material to get the best protection for your device.


If you love colors and want to express your personality through your Macbook Pro, it’s best to opt for colorful cases; one that matches your style and personality!

Other Factors

Besides these, you also need to consider your budget, after-sale service, and product warranty.

Final Words

14″ Macbook Pro cases come in various styles and designs. We are sure you’ll find something for yourself with such a tremendous variety. Make sure to explore the wide variety before you finalize your choice!

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