Ways To Use Social Profiles To Boost SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an online social media application that brings together all the music lovers. This is the best platform for people who want to create music or share their music with the world. This platform has built many careers. More than 20 million users are using this platform to launch their music.

Promoting Music via Social Profiles

Making an account on SoundCloud and uploading music is not the only task. It won’t benefit you unless you’re having a lot of SoundCloud followers. Therefore, the most important task is to promote your music and increase reposts. The easiest and wise way of promoting music is through one’s social profiles. 

Once you share your music on other social media sites as well, your followers from those sites will also head towards SoundCloud to listen to your music.

If you don’t have enough time to do all the hard work by yourself, you can opt for online services to increase your followers. Just like many other brands and businesses, you can also buy SoundCloud followers to promote your music on the platform. 



YouTube is indeed the most used social media platform. It has the largest audience. When you upload the audio version of your music on SoundCloud, consider uploading its video on YouTube. If you haven’t made the video, you can simply post the audio version there. It doesn’t matter whether it’s audio or a video. What matters is the quality of your music.

You just need to make an account on YouTube as well and gain some subscribers. Each time you post music, you also upload it on your YouTube account to increase plays and downloads. You can also post links to your music in your YouTube description so that users can have easy access to your SoundCloud. 



Many artists have used Twitter to promote their SoundCloud music for the past few years. It is such a huge and amazing platform for marketing if used wisely. It helps artists to communicate with their fans and get some feedback on their work. They can also get to know what their fans expect from them. 



SoundCloud posts audio music. It does not allow users to post a video. Your fans know you more by your name than your face. One can use Instagram to interact with fans and to get some more recognition. This way fans would be able to recognize an artist by his face as well.

Instagram gives many options for promotion. You can either post some part of your music on your feed. You can tell fans about your new music via stories or you can also go live. You can simply add the link to your SoundCloud profile on your Instagram profile. 


Another way to promote SoundCloud music is via linking it to Facebook. You just need to create a musician page on this social media platform. Facebook and SoundCloud are highly integrated social media applications.

To promote your music via Facebook, you just have to add the link of your track in a post. People would be able to listen to it via Facebook as well. Another way of promoting music is through Facebook ads. It targets people according to their preferences as well as demographics. 

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